How to Download android Mobile app For call sms list

How to Download app android Mobile For call list Life Time 

Any  phone Observer is explicitly created for Any  phone checking and giving additional security to your Any  phone. It Observes the Call log and report the data through SMS cell number determined in the application. It very well may be utilized in various situations: Monitoring your own Any  phone, Installing to couple Any  phone by common consent to evacuate questions, Installing to spouse/wife Any  phone to expel questions and an association can introduce it to association's Any  phones gave to representatives to stop miss utilization of the Any  phone.

Too it will likewise function as SMS Forwarder and Forwards got SMSs to the cell Number you indicated in the application.

• Self Phone: Phone Observer can be utilized for self Any  phone perception in various circumstances i.e when you have two Any  phones and you overlook the Any  phone, wherein the application is introduced, at home or office then the application will report you concurring your setting the approaching calls data, the active calls data and will advance got SMSs. So it gives your Any  phone additional security and furthermore free your psyche about the Any  phone you overlook as it gives data you need.

• Organization/Company Phones: An Organization/Company can utilize it for checking Organization's/Company's Any  phones gave to representatives. It will screen worker's Any  phone approaching calls and active calls data to the administration through SMS to square miss utilization of Organization's/Company's Any  phones.

• Couples, Husband/Wife or Close Friends can introduce it by common consent to one another Any  phones for watching and revealing approaching calls, active calls and got SMS to the phone number fixed in application to evacuate shared questions and mis-understanding and spent a questions free and upbeat life.

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